Our Dog T-Bone

A Heartwarming Story of Life with One Really Nervous Dog

"At the end of the day, when the fire crackles and the ice tinkles in the glass, the dog lies at its master's side. All sins and shortcomings - both of man and dog - are mutually forgiven, because tomorrow is another day." --Aaron Fraser Pass

"A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself."  Josh Billings

THE DECISIONIt was Friday, May 12th.  I left for work at 7:30 and came home at about 2:00 to check on Bone.  I was amazed…he was sleeping so peacefully (in fact I had to watch him for a few moments to make sure he was still breathing) and his room looked as if I had put him in just a few seconds earlier.  His blankets weren’t even wrinkled and his dog dish was not moved so much as an inch!  Most times I would just sneak back up stairs, grab something to eat and head back to work, but this day I wanted to see him.  He heard me rattling the door and he slowly realized that “Hey, the master’s home, but it ain’t 5:00 yet!”  We went upstairs, I grabbed something to eat, he lay down beside me and I read for a few minutes before I headed back to work.  I let him out to do his business, and then put him back in his room and I went back to work.


I came home at about 4:45 and could not believe my eyes.  It was more than just a bout with separation anxiety – it was a site of total chaos and he was in an absolute panic mode.  At that moment I knew that he could not go on.  Before I even let him out I called the vet and, with a trembling voice, I asked to make an appointment for a few days out to have T-Bone put to sleep. 


Kay came home a few minutes later.  I broke down when I told her that he could not go on any longer like this and that I had called the vet.  She reluctantly agreed and we both cried. I cleaned up his room and gave him a bath.


The next day we informed the kids of our decision.  They were well aware of what was going on with him and, even though it was hard, they supported our decision.  I wanted to make the appointment a few days out so we could really weigh what we were doing and also have enough time to say goodbye.  Suddenly, the past 13 years with Bone seemed to have been far, far too short.  Kay and I both made arrangements to take that Thursday off.  I emailed my coworkers that I had to be gone that day to tend to a family matter.