Our Dog T-Bone

A Heartwarming Story of Life with One Really Nervous Dog

 My brothers Jan and Kevin and my sister Lisa grew to love dogs because of our parent’s love for dogs.  It seemed that all of my growing up years we had a dog around the house:  Pal, Trinket, and Max (I think my mom and dad had about four “Max’s”)


 This is a picture of my dad with “Maggie” when he was a pup (when Maggie was a pup…not my dad J)




Dad and Mom and Max





Dad & Dan & Maggie, Mom & Max & T-Bone & Courtney



Max getting ready to waterski…




Dad & Alfie (my sister Lisa’s dog) walking on Sugar Island



Dad & Max walking on Sugar Island



Riley in a Hat



Mom & Riley


 My dad passed away in 2002

This photo of my mom and brother Kevin and sister Lisa was taken in about 2007

Riley is my mom’s Boston Terrier




My Brother Jan & Riley


Ghost was Jan and Moe’s big, lovable German Shepherd mix.  He died unexpectedly in December of 2005 and will always be missed.



 A couple of months later Jan’s wife Moe surprised him by bringing home Oscar…he’s as big as a horse!

Oscar tries to “think” the ball out of the pool!



My brother Kevin and his wife Jodi’s dog Maggie.  Maggie came into their lives in 1996 but died unexpectedly in Jodi’s arms in August of 2007